The No Dog Left Behind Landplane completed a successful 2 day mission saving 40 dogs!

Landpilots David Stash and Larissa Friday started the trip by traveling to Portsmouth, Ohio. They spent the night and woke up ready to rescue these dogs from overcrowded shelters. David and Larissa met the amazing teams at Sierra’s Haven for New and Used PetsParis Animal Welfare SocietyFranklin County KY Humane Society to pick up our 40 furry friends.

Landpilots Mary Withrow and Kim Schaeffer took over the trip from there and made their way to Madison, New Jersey. That’s where they met the fine folks at St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center who are taking in these dogs.

Most of the animals that we transport to St. Hubert’s are in danger of losing their lives. Through our partnership with St. Hubert’s we are able to be an integral part of lowering the number of animals euthanized across the country. Teamwork!

Please contact them if you are interested in any of these dogs! ❤️