The No Dog Left Behind Land Team rescued 18 dogs from 4 overcrowded animal shelters over the weekend.

Land Pilots Craig Edwards and Darlene Billick started the trip by heading to Kentucky. After they got a good night’s rest In a local hotel they were ready to start their life saving mission. They headed out to meet the fine folks at Morgan County West Virginia Animal Control, Wolf County Animal Shelter, Wags To Riches Rescue Inc. and Love of Paws. Craig and Darlene loaded up 18 dogs amazing dogs who needed a second chance and headed back to Pittsburgh to meet a second team who would be taking some of these animals east.

After arriving at our office and unloading some of the animals a new team took over and departed. No Dog Left Behind Land Pilots Jim Moran and Candy Phillips took over and headed to Gettysburg, PA to meet Adams County SPCA and PA Boxer Rescue. After delivering their precious cargo they headed back to Pittsburgh. Two teams, 8 shelters, and loads of coordination all working in tandem to help 18 dogs on their journey to a new life.

A big THANK YOU to Adams CountySPCA, PA Boxer Rescue, Bridge To Home Animal Rescue and Action For Animals Humane Society for taking these animals and helping us bring them from danger to safety!

If you are interested in adopting any of these animals please read the post head over to the receiving shelters web pages for information on how to adopt.