The No Dog Left Behind team is finishing the week having gone on 5 life saving missions!

No Dog Left Behind Land Pilots Dave Stash & Beverly Dietsch traveled to North Carolina to meet Mayberry 4 Paws who needed to get 6 dogs out of the shelter and as far North as Canada. Since the distance was so great, and to minimize stress on the animals, the mission was split up into two teams with a stopover night between.

Once the dogs arrived back in Pittsburgh after the first leg they all went to the BIG EASY Animal Hospital were they were checked out by Big Easy vets, given a nice warm bed, and spent the night after a long drive. The following morning a second No Dog Left Behind team led by Landpilots Kelly Genovese and Tammy Trasatti departed Pittsburgh for Buffalo where the dogs would be going to Fort Erie Spca and Welland & District Humane Society in Canada.

After almost two days of traveling 6 dogs have made the long journey from danger to safety. Along the way the dedication and passion of four No Dog Left Behind Landpilots provided the hope these animals needed. Special thanks to the amazing team at the Big Easy who graciously took these 6 dogs in overnight. It’s teamwork that makes these missions a reality. Great work everyone…what a great week of rescue!