The No Dog Left Behind Land Team traveled to Cookeville, Tennessee to help 23 dogs on their journey from danger to safety!

This mission is dedicated to one of our very own, Colleen Sookie King. Colleen started volunteering with us two years ago. She was fun loving, smart, warm and an amazing woman. Colleen passed away a few days ago with her beloved dogs by her side. Colleen’s imprint on No Dog Left Behind will be felt for years to come. We were honored that she devoted her time to our cause and we cherish the memories we made. RIP Colleen, we will continue to fight the good fight to help animals in your honor.

No Dog Left Behind Land Pilots Caitlyn Carroll and Carolyn Jochymek piloted the No Dog Left Behind Landplane to to Tennessee with lots of donations of dry food, canned food, towels and blankets. There we met up with Safe Haven Puppy Rescue. Once all 23 dogs were loaded up the team headed back to Pittsburgh with a truck full of love!

Once in Pittsburgh the team unloaded all 23 dogs who went to our friends at Bridge to Home. A big thank you to Bridge To Home Animal Rescue for helping us give these dogs a new chance at life. Please share this post and help them get these animals adopted!

These missions depend on INCREDIBLE people like you who donate to help give these animals a better life. ❤️ Thank you from all of us.