No Dog Left Behind Pilots Pete Lehmann and Rebecca Mihalcik helped fly 17 displaced dogs from danger to safety.

Three incredible organizations Morgan County Animal Shelter, Wolfe County Animal Shelter, and Wags to Riches helped get these animals ready for brighter futures. No Dog Left Behind Pilots Pete Lehmann and Rebecca Mihalcik flew down in the No Dog Left Behind Airplane to bring these dogs to Pittsburgh where our friends at Cross Your Paws Rescue and Bridge to Home Animal Rescue were waiting. 17 dogs ready and waiting for you to give them second chance.

Our team is especially excited to give an 8-year-old dog named Jack a new start. Jack was badly neglected and will need some time for his ears to heal. Getting Jack out and to the care he needs in Pittsburgh was the main goal today.

Now that he is safely recovering his next step is to find a loving family to make his own. We know he just needs the right owners to wrap their arms around him and show him the love he deserves.