No Dog Left Behind Landplanes Bring 36 Dogs Brought From Ohio to New Jersey, From Danger to Safety

Two legs to this journey saw a total of 4 land pilots that got these dogs from Danger to Safety. A special thanks to Emily Lewkowicz, Joanne Lekowicz, Kim Schaeffer and Val Jackson for taking the time to get these dogs to St. Huberts Animal Welfare Center, where they’ll have a better chance at a future. 

WayStation Sister Shelter Program 

The WayStation Sister Shelter Program is leading the way for shelters in the Northeast who have both the capacity and the potential adopters to accept animals from overburdened organizations where lower population density and a lack of affordable, accessible spay/neuter services result in homeless dog numbers that far exceed available homes. 

Two great organization’s No Dog Left Behindnered to get these dogs off to a life of better opportunity. Sierra’s Haven for New and Used Pets and Paris Animal Welfare Society. Our job, getting these dogs from Ohio to St. Huberts in New Jersey. And, what dogs they’ve got coming to the New Jersey area! 

All of these dogs come from difficult backgrounds and are looking for better and brighter futures. One such dog on this trip has had a more difficult background than most. Just 5 months old, he’s completely deaf and blind in one eye but his personality shines. He and the other 35 dogs on this trip are looking for amazing pet owners and a cozy place to call home. 

Let’s take a look at the dogs that are on this trip: 

Kallie 60 lbs 1.5 y female boxer mix
Jasper 60 lbs 3.5 y male Australian cattle dog mix
Midnight 39 lbs 3 y female lab/corgi
Truvy 45 lbs 5 mo female Shepherd mix
M’Lynn 48 lbs 5 mo female shepherd mix
Winchester 44 lbs 6 mo male coonhound mix
Scratch 30 lbs 4.5 mo male hound/boxer
Sniff 21 lbs 4.5 mo male hound/boxer
Reason 27 lbs 5.5 mo female shep mix
Fannie 30 lbs 5 mo female redbone coonhound
Sri Lanka 16 lbs 4 mo female beagle mix
Libya 16 lbs 4 mo female beagle mix
Pearl Harbor 20 lbs 4 mo female beagle mix
Wren 25 lbs 4 mo male shar-pei mix
Wendeline 35 lbs 4 mo female shar-pei mix
Gina 25 lbs 4 mo female shep mix
Venelope 20 lbs 4 mo female shep mix
Beatle 18 lbs 3 mo male boxer mix
Bebe 15 lbs 3 mo female boxer mix
Beta 15 lbs 3 mo female boxer mix
Boopsy 18 lbs 3 mo female boxer mix
Brutus 18 lbs 3 mo male boxer mix
Earl Gray 14 lbs 4 mo male chi mix
Eclair 9 lbs 4 mo female chi mix
Grady 32 lbs 4 mo male
Nicholas 7 lbs 7 mo male
Nicolette 12 lbs 2-3 y female
Bullseye 44 lbs 1 y male
Lola 58 lbs 1 y female
Hutch 62 lbs 2-3 y male
Donkey 48 lbs 1-2 y male
Red 49 lbs 1 y male
Bonnie 56 lbs 2-3 y female
Friskies 39 lbs 10 m female
Goldy 10 lbs 2 y female
Billie 40 lbs 5 mo male