26 animals take flight for our 11,000th animal rescued on a special mission in honor of Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co.

While our full attention has been on helping animals in the path of Hurricane Dorian, other animals are were in critical situations and needed our help. With shelters over capacity an urgent need became a crisis and our team sprung into action. No Dog Left Behind Pilots Jonathan Plesset and Brad Childs loaded up the No Dog Left Behind Plane with as many crates as they could fit and set off. This would become a special mission on two fronts, one of which we didn’t realize until after the pilots had returned.

Around six weeks ago we were honored to be chosen by Grounds and Hounds Coffee to be the recipeint of their donations for the sale of a special blend of coffee that they sell called Rescue Roast. All of the profits from the sale of that blend go to animal rescue. We met with their founder Jordan Karcher and he explained the process. Our first question was what was the record number he had donated during the program? Well we are thrilled to say that the answer to that is $5175.00, the amount that Grounds and Hounds sent to No Dog Left Behind. Sales were through the roof and we are honored and thrilled by Ground and Hounds’ generosity. This mission is being done in honor of Grounds and Hounds, their staff, and their supporters. Thank you from the entire No Dog Left Behind team!

Upon landing we took a look at the rescue count and realized that the big fluffy white dog is our 11,000th rescued animal! We are so proud of our entire team for this milestone. We could not have done it without all of these special volunteers that you see day in and day out fighting the good fight to bring animals from Danger to Safety.

Special thanks to Morgan County Animal Shelter -West Liberty,Kentucky, Wags To Riches – Helping Animals In Need, and Wolfe County Animal Shelter for their patience and help organizing this mission. All of the animals seen here went to New Lease on Life Rescue in Ohio and Cross Your Paws Rescue in Irwin, PA.