Fly A Plane Around Pittsburgh

Take controls of the No Dog Left Behind Mahindra Airvan and fly around the City of Pittsburgh with a 360 degree view of the city! Keep the plane steady because the animals on board are counting on you to stay steady!



Can you fly a plane?

Push the throttle full forward, keep the nose centered on the runway, wait for 60kts, and gently pull back on the yoke. You are flying! Take the controls of the No Dog Left Behind plane and depart from the Allegheny County Airport for a an animal rescue mission. Your ability to manage the takeoff will ultimately help rescue some fury friends waiting for a second chance.

Can you land a plane?

The flying is the easy part, the landing…that get a bit tricky. Take control of the No Dog Left Behind plane and try and land her gently at the Allegheny County Airport. With a full load of animals in the back we are all counting on you!