Rescue Mission 2 of 3 for bringing animals from Danger to Safety

Our rescue missions are often a 2-way street. We seek to relieve under resourced animal shelters by transporting animals back to areas with more room and more opportunity. We almost never arrive at those shelters empty handed because taking those dogs out is only one facet of the difficulties they have. On this mission, we arrived at the Kentucky shelters with more than 2,000 pounds of food and supplies to help them, and help animals in need.

No Dog Left Behind land pilots Captain David Stash and first timer but amazing Maria Suleski Wisser lead the mission in saving these lovely dogs and supporting these shelters in Kentucky.

This was No Dog Left Behind 2 of 3 of a very significant mission where the entire No Dog Left Behind organization showed up to support one another. The plane was in the air, David and Maria were trekking the 700-mile return trip to Kentucky by landplane and a relief No Dog Left Behind vehicle was waiting at the airport to get these dogs to their end destination. What an amazing testament to the volunteers and members of our organization and their commitment to bringing dogs from Danger to Safety.

With such a large rescue mission, we saw a number of our favorite organizations. The mission began with picking these dogs up at Morgan County Animal Shelter -West Liberty,Kentucky, Wolfe County Animal Shelter Wags To Riches – Helping Animals In Need, and Laurel County Animal Shelter and getting them to New Lease on Life Rescue, Pals4Pets Rescue Inc, Strayhaven and Cross Your Paws Rescue.

The 44 dogs rescued during this single leg of the mission will make room for many more animals at the sending shelters, and the food and additional resources will make the lives better for hundreds of other animals in their local communities.


Stay on the look out for more!