Through Challenges And Adverse Road Conditions, No Dog Left Behind Landplane Drivers David Albanese and Tatyana Laskowska Persevere With The Help Of Others To Bring 40 Dogs Back From Danger To Safety

A special thanks to No Dog Left Behind Landpilots David Albanese and Tatyana Laskowska for their hard work and determination on this ground mission. Not only did they give up their time to rescue these dogs, but they also displayed the highest levels of rising to the situation to overcome adversary when the landplane became damaged, got it fixed and got back on the road to rescue these dogs in Kentucky!


We would also like to add a special thanks and dedicate this trip in honor of the support and help received from the team at the Morehead, KY Walmart. Thanks to the likes of Thomas Crouch, Terence Armstrong, Aaron Peters, Scott Napier and Regina Lands, we were able to get our vehicle repaired quickly and get back on the road! We know that David and Tatyana were thankful for the help, and so are the rest of the No Dog Left Behind and the 40 dogs you helped save!


“We absolutely could not have performed the mission on schedule without their hard work.”


Dog Rescue Mission:

This dog rescue mission saw our landplane on the near 700 mile round trip from Pittsburgh to Kentucky, where there were 35 dogs waiting to be picked up. These dogs and puppies were in desperate need to go from Kentucky to Pittsburgh and hopefully, soon, into loving and caring homes. Coming from underfunded rural animal shelters, the transportation of these dogs was urgent. 


It’s hard to imagine that there is a clock ticking for these, not just dogs, but moms, children (some as newborn as newborn can be), puppies, future-best friends, and so on. But this is where No Dog Left Behind comes into play and we were there to bring them from Danger to Safety. 


Morgan County Animal Shelter, Wolfe County Animal Shelter, and Wags to Riches all helped in getting these dogs organized and ready to go so that they could continue to help more animals in need. These dogs were then being received by Cross Your Paws and Pals 4 Pets Rescue in Pennsylvania to help get them ready for adoption! 


A “Bump in the Road”

On the trip down to Kentucky to rescue these dogs, the landplane’s tire and rim was damaged. It was apparent to the landpilot David Albanese that they would not be able to continue until the tire was replaced. 


At the time this happened, there were very few options for repairs in the area – even fewer of them could do it quickly. A helping hand was extended from the local Walmart’s Automotive Service department. They not only got our landplane up and running right away, but did so by staying late and putting a little extra “elbow grease” into it to get the truck operational again. It was not an easy job and we commend them for getting it done and doing their part to get these drivers on the road so that they could get these dogs back to safety! 


This was not our normal trip. We don’t normally run into any problems on the road but when they do arise, it’s great to see our drivers and the community around to rise to the occasion and do what they can to support our cause. It is great to see so many participate for the good of animals and humanity in general! We call on everyone out there to help a little in supporting such a huge effort. Just like this auto repair department doing their job to get the truck operational and doing their part to save 40 dogs, you can do the same. 


Adopting these animals helps in keeping room in these shelters to help other animals in the future. Even a dollar helps in continuing to rescue animals or the purchase of a bag of Rescue Roast from Grounds and Hounds. You can even support us by attending our Dog Days of Summer in August for good food, fun and animal support.