Interesting fact: July 5th is the busiest day of the year for animal shelters. 


Fireworks are great and a lot of fun for people to get together and “ohh” and “aww” over but what about those peoples’ Best Friend?

Those big bangs from fireworks that we all know and love, startle dogs and can be downright scary at times. This can change the attitude and behavior of even the most even tempered and trained dogs, causing them to do the unexpected. 

Continue reading to get more information on keeping your dogs safe during the 4th of July festivities. 

  1. Leave your dog at home. We understand your dog is an extension of your family and if there is one thing above most you enjoy doing together – it’s outdoor activities. For this Independence Day though, it may be hard to do but the best thing would be to leave your dog at home. Even if you’re not going to see professional fireworks, the lights and small bangs from smaller fireworks can frighten a dog and large groups may confuse them. 
  2. Prepare your dog. If you know your plans earlier in the day and they include an evening celebration, make sure you’re doing your best to put your dog in the right spot, physically and emotionally. Get your dog out and have them exercise. Make sure they eat and drink right during the day. There are foods that sustain a balanced mood for a dog – like these Pupsicles. A well fed, well exercised dog should be tired in the evening and less likely to be impatient on your return or easily excited over fireworks or noises in the distance.  
  3. Prepare your house. Now that your dog is prepared, make sure your house is too. Take necessary precautions to make sure your dog is secured and comfortable. If your dog typically uses a doggy door, this may be the day to leave it closed. A small accident in the house is a far better situation than your dog going missing, but even at that you can set up your garage or another area in the house for dog “necessities”. Make sure you draw your blinds and curtains as well. It helps drown out the noise and mask the flashing lights. 
  4. Always, always remember that your dog’s collar, tags and microchip are on them and secured. If their collar is frayed a bit, what better Independence Day gift than a brand new dog collar? 

As a fall back for any of these, if you don’t think your dog is ready to handle it or your neighborhood is too festive on the 4th of July – it may be best that you stay home even. That may not be the best situation but I guarantee you coming home to a dog-less house is even worse! 

Enjoy the festivities and stay safe. 

Your Friends,


No Dog Left Behind