A 3-No Dog Left Behind Land Mission Sees 46 Dogs, Cats, Puppies and Kittens From West Liberty, Kentucky to Youngstown and then to Pittsburgh, Taking Them From Danger to Safety

A special thanks to No Dog Left Behind Land Pilots Dave Stash and Dawn Molinaro for making the trip to rescue these dogs in need and in a single trip giving nearly 50 dogs and cats a shot at a better life.


The combined efforts of Wags To Riches, Morgan County Animal Shelter and Wolfe County Animal Shelter helped to get these 46 dogs off of the streets and give them hope for a better future. Due to the overcrowding in animal shelters in Kentucky, these organizations had the foresight to realize they needed to move them to other shelters in areas that could get these dogs in loving homes. 

From Danger to Safety

The No Dog Left Behind Landplane was there to give these dogs a 1 way ticket from danger to safety. 42 dogs and 4 cats will be on this trip. Some brand new puppies are travelling with us, accompanied by their mothers.


Dave Stash and Dawn Molinaro made the 350+ mile trip down to West Liberty, KY to pick these dogs up and get them to New Lease On Life and Cross Your Paws. These two organizations will help fit these dogs with loving owners where they’ll get their chance at happiness. 


And with these dogs, this happiness will be infectious! The lucky owners that pick some of these dogs and puppies up will have an absolute joy. Whether you’re an animal owner that prefers dogs or cats, active animals or soft cuddlers, or anything in between – you’ll need to reach out to New Lease On Life and Cross Your Paws soon to get yours!