No Dog Left Behind Landplane Pilots David Stash and David Albanese Rescue 15 Animals, Including Our First Ever Ferret and One Former Passenger – Chubbs, Bringing Them From Danger To Safety

A special thanks to Team David (Mr. Stash and Mr. Albanese) for taking time out of their day to make the trek down to Dublin, VA and bring these animals back to Pennsylvania. This mission will go down in the No Dog Left Behind record books as the first mission to include a ferret! The dedication of the No Dog Left Behind crew is to see any animal back from danger to safety, no matter the condition, previous lifestyle, type of animal, etc. Our diversity in rescue missions is absolute (may I remind the reader of the Monarch Butterfly we once rescued) and we look forward to bringing more types of animals to safety! 


In total, this mission saw the rescue of 6 dogs (including Chubbs), 8 guinea pigs and 1 ferret. 


This was a very unique rescue mission for our team. Now, every time we get the opportunity to rescue animals in need it is a special opportunity that leaves a lasting feeling in our hearts. These day-long trips (or sometimes more) with these adorable animals makes a bond with our land and air pilots – so when there is another trip with a No Dog Left Behind rescue alumni, it’s a really special time. 


That’s where Chubbs comes in. 


Chubbs was on a previous rescue mission of ours, bringing him from danger to safety, when we noticed something on drop-off. Actually, it was a volunteer at Adams County SPCA that noticed that Chubbs had something wrong. We had discovered that Chubbs had damage to all 4 legs and was in need of serious veterinarian attention. That previous trip took a detour to get Chubbs the attention he needed and our pilots couldn’t wait to be on the follow-up mission to pick him up. 


Thanks to two great organizations, Pulaski Animal Care and Control Rescue and Adams County SPCA, for supporting getting these dogs from danger to safety. 


Here is a  look at the animals we have on this trip:


Jackie, a 10 pound, 5 year old female Chihuahua is looking to bring smiles to a new home. Max is a big boy – 75 pound, 1 year old male boxer is looking for an active owner to get out and exercise with! Brinkley – debatable one of the cutest names in the canine world – is a 45 pound, 1 year old male hound and ready to get out there and PLAY. Toby, a 55 pound, 2 year old male cattle dog is looking to provide a helping hand around the house, or at least at the dinner table! There was also Cedric, a 1 year old, 45-pound dog whose breed can only be described as BEAUTIFUL (he’s an amazing mix). 

There are also 8 guinea pigs ready for a new family and our first ever ferret! We had 4 beautiful kittens on our pickup list but they were adopted before we could pick them up, which is great for them! We wish them the best in their future life at a loving home. Everyone should keep that in mind – these dogs, cats, and other animals can go fast so be sure to adopt quickly! 


Chubbs is on the trip, but not quite ready for adoption yet!