No Dog Left Behind Landplane Pilots Jim Moran and Lisa Thomas Rescue 24 Dogs and Puppies From Danger To Safety, Bringing Them From Kentucky to Pennsylvania

A special thanks to Jim Moran and Lisa Thomas for giving up their weekend (an uncharacteristically beautiful Pittsburgh weekend at that, finally!) to drive down to Kentucky to rescue these animals. While the rest of the city was enjoying outdoor activities and sunshine, these dedicated No Dog Left Behind drivers were on a 700 mile round trip for the betterment of these dogs and puppies! 

Kentucky is in the midst of a significant abandoned dog and animal situation right now which is really pushing shelters to their limits in terms of space and resources. We are so proud to No Dog Left Behindner with such amazing organizations down there that are able to navigate the turbulent space of rescuing animals in such numbers. Morgan County Animal Shelters, Wolfe County Animal Shelter and Wags to Riches are such organizations – helping to get dogs through the animal shelter system, to places with better opportunity and into homes. 

No Dog Left BehindS goal – get these dogs from Danger to Safety.

On the other side of the trip, Humane Society of Westmoreland County and Cross Your Paws will be receiving these dogs and working to get these in great, loving homes. Two great organizations in the Greater Pittsburgh area, located in Westmoreland County will work with these animals to get them into new homes. 

These 24 dogs now have a chance at a better shot at life, a chance at a warm and loving home, and the opportunity to bring smiles to a new family. See below for more information on these dogs and puppies. Contact the Humane Society of Westmoreland County and Cross Your Paws for more information on these dogs!

Litter of 3 (Jake, Chrissy, Janet) 3 month
Litter of 3 (Seth, Sadie, Shasta) 5 month
Litter of 2 (Sonny, Cher) 6 weeks
Litter of 2 (Aslynn, Slater, Brodyn) 2 yo/9 weeks
Bonita 2 yr
Mr. Oakley 8 yr
Marshall 7 month
Ryan 4 month
Doodle 4 month
Bruno 1 yr
Rosey 1 yr
Teddy 9 month
Marty 6 month
Litter of 2 (PB & J) 8 weeks
Cammie – Humane Society 4 month
Rooney – Humane Society 4 month
Clarence – Humane Society 4 month