24 Bunnies Rescued By No Dog Left Behind Pilot Pete Lehmann On An Air Mission From Georgia to Pennsylvania, From Danger To Safety


A special thanks to the dedication of our Air Pilot Pete Lehmann and for making the trip to rescue these rabbits in need from Georgia and bringing them back to safety.


These 24 bunnies getting a second chance at life are a result stemming from a major SPCA of Texas humane rescue raid a few months ago. Supporting organizations, Rabbit Wranglers and The House Rabbit Society, are throwing their support behind these bunnies and going to extreme lengths to make sure that they are cared for and have a future of hope!


The time these rabbits spent in captivity, plus the last couple months in transition will hopefully be followed up with a better future with a loving family. No Dog Left Behind was there on these adorable bunnies final leg of the trip to provide them with a direct flight from Georgia to Pittsburgh, PA.


All 24 of these bunnies will be making their way back to Rabbit Wranglers in Pittsburgh, PA, where they’ll be available for adoption and to be the next addition to a warm rabbit-loving household!


If you know someone that is in the market for a new cute and furry rabbit, please send them to Rabbit Wranglers or share this post! Let’s help get these bunnies in new homes … fast! In advanced, thank you all for your support.