No Dog Left Behind Pilot Pete Lehmann Rescues 38 Dogs & Puppies In A 1,300 Mile Round Trip Rescue Mission From Martinsville To North Shore Animal League America

This mission is in honor of the staff at Altar’d State, Store 153 Pittsburgh, PA for their generous donation to help us fulfill our mission: Bringing animals from danger to safety and enriching the lives of people. Thank you for your support.


Overcrowding in rescue centers is a constant problem and Martinsville has been especially affected here. Thankfully, to amazing foresight and proactive measures, the SPCA of Martinsville – Henry County, these 38 young dogs and puppies are being given a new chance at a positive start to life!

These 38 dogs all range from only a few weeks old to less than a year and are being taken in by one of the largest and safest animal rescue organizations in the world – North Shore Animal League America. And, No Dog Left Behind was there with first-class tickets from Danger to Safety. No Dog Left Behind Pilot Pete Lehmann picked these 31 dogs up from SPCA of Martinsville – Henry County and transported them to where their new lives away in New York with North Shore Animal League America.


Ingrained in North Shore Animal League America’s core values – they will ensure that these young dogs get a shot at happiness in their life! Our last trip with North Shore Animal League America saw them take in 45 dogs and 13 cats, in a single trip! And, what a group of fun-loving puppies they’ll be looking to get in the homes of welcoming pet owners this time! Here’s a quick look at the lineup of puppies:

The Dogs

Litter of 3 – 9 weeks old 2x male, 1x female mastiff mix
Litter of 2 – 7 weeks old 2x female great pyrenees mix
Retriever Lab – 4 months female black white
Litter of 6 – 8 weeks old 4x female, 2x males boxer mix
Litter of 2 – 3 months old 1x male, 1x female lab mix
Litter of 6 – 10 weeks old 4x male, 2x female lab mix
Lab Mix – 9 weeks old male black white
Litter of 3 – 8 weeks old 2x male, 1x female, catahoula mix
Lab – 3 months old female black white
Boxer – 9 weeks male brindle white
Lab – 3 months old female cream white
Pug/Beagle Mix – 9 months male brindle white
Terrier – 7 months female black brindle mix
Litter of 2 – 5 months 1x male, 1x female shep