No Dog Left Behind Landplane Rescues 19 Chihuahuas and Greyhounds From Hoarding, Starving and Abuse Case in Christiansburg, VA Bringing Them From Danger To Safety

A special thanks to No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Kim Schaeffer and Christina Colantoni for taking time to make this trip and rescue these dogs from such horrendous conditions. You were already heroes in our minds, but you’ve firmly cemented yourself as such in the eyes of these Chihuahuas and Greyhounds. Thank you.

At No Dog Left Behind, our job is bittersweet. We know it and it is what we’ve signed up for. Our goal is to bring animals from Danger to Safety and we love that we can contribute to that happily ever after ending. That being said, it can bring a tear to even a seasoned rescue veterans eye when seeing the mass amounts of neglect that animals receive. This particular hoarding case in Christiansburg, VA was one of those situations.

Dogs In Danger


These 19 amazing dogs were locked in a single-wide trailer with no food, water or electricity for extended periods of time. These tight walls, locked doors and number of dogs meant that they were not left to wander very far and that tiny, tiny patch of indoor-wandering also doubled up as the only area for these dogs to relieve their bows and bladder.

These dogs were severely emaciated and covered in fecal matter and urine – some of their toenails were almost 3 inches long! All of these dogs needed medical care.

Sometimes, wrongs are followed by more wrongs.

Despite these horrid conditions, some of the Greyhounds were only a few weeks postpartum and were separated from their newborn pups at birth. These pups have not been found yet.

Support from Organizations

This is when great organizations like Pulaski Animal Care and Control Rescue, along with Adams County SPCA and Animal Welfare League of Arlington, help out and make a difference in these dogs life. The quality of these dogs’ lives was at a steady decline until these organizations came in and were able to turn things around for them.

No Dog Left Behinds job – bringing these dogs from danger in Christiansburg, VA to safety. Bringing these dogs back to Adams County SPCA and Animal Welfare League of Arlington where these dogs can get a chance at happiness with a loving family. Let’s work on getting these dogs adopted by a new inviting home!