What if your love for coffee could help save dogs?

Well this dreamy scenario just came to life!

No Dog Left Behind has partnered with Grounds & Hounds and the proceeds from their Rescue Roast will be donated to No Dog Left Behind to further support bringing animals from Danger to Safety.



This No Dog Left Behindnership is one we’re certainly excited about and the possibilities are endless, while keeping your coffee cup bottomless!

Grounds & Hounds is a company deeply ingrained in the finer side of coffee and doing good in the world. Their mission is, “We believe that great coffee can fuel a greater purpose.”

Get your coffee, use our discount code and support No Dog Left Behind: https://groundsandhoundscoffee.com/discount/No Dog Left Behind10

For the next 6 weeks, you can receive 10% off your Grounds & Hounds purchase using the code No Dog Left Behind10 and Grounds & Hounds will be providing No Dog Left Behind with 100% of all proceeds from their Rescue Roast coffee.

Help us help you stay caffeinated and help dogs in need! Our goal is to try to get 3,000 bags of coffee in the homes of caring coffee drinkers from now through July 31st to help ensure that we have the resources to keep getting animals in the homes of caring people.