No Dog Left Behind Landplane Rescues 12 Dogs From Kentucky To Reduce Overcrowding Ahead of Stray Influxes, Summer Heat and Flooding

The No Dog Left Behind land crew was at it again with a rescue trip to Kentucky. No Dog Left Behind Land Pilots Lisa Thomas and Lori Kraus gave up their time to make the two-day and 700-mile round trip to rescue these amazing dogs and provide them with a future of opportunity.

With summer, unfortunately, comes and influx of stray animals to shelters. With the unusually high amount of rain we’ve received already this spring, areas are in store for a lot of flooding this season. There are many other contributing factors to overcrowding in the summer months and you can read more on that in an early No Dog Left Behind post here.

The Organizations:

Two great organizations – Morgan County Animal Shelter and Wolfe County Animal Shelter – had the foresight needed to keep animals safe this summer and are proactively sending dogs and pups to other shelters that can further support them.

The Dogs:

All 482 pounds of adorable dogs and puppies that are making their way back on this rescue mission are going to our friends at New Lease on Life in Ohio. All of these dogs will be looking for their forever homes so please contact New Lease on Life if you’re interested in adopting a new dog or share if you think you know someone that could be.

NAME WEIGHT Age Gender Breed
Otis 43 5 mo. Male German Shepherd Mix
Duke 45 50 mo. Male German Shepherd Mix
Lily 37 5 mo. Female German Shepherd Mix
Dot 39 5 mo. Female German Shepherd Mix
Luella 27 5 yo. Female Beagle
Vinnie 54 2 yo. Male Boxer Mix
Happy 39 3 yo. Male Lab Mix
Gully 42 1 yo. Male Red Heeler
Tango 54 3 yo. Male Coonhound
Bow 45 2 yo. Male Husky
Boo 8 5 yo. Male Terrier mix
Roger 49 1 yo. Male Chocolate Lab mix