No Dog Left Behind Rapid Response Unit Deployed Over the Weekend Saving 3 Dogs From West Virginia, Bringing Them Back To The Greater Pittsburgh Area, With New Friends Made Along The Way

A special thanks is in order to Mary Withrow and Brittany Lewkowicz, who on top of their daily attention to animal rescues and No Dog Left Behind operations, dropped everything at a moment’s notice to equip the No Dog Left Behind landplane and rescue animals in need. With less than 24 hours to turn this around, Mary and Brittany were able to make the trip to West Virginia and bring a few pups back safely.

This rescue mission saw 3 wonderful and adorable puppies from danger to safety and also brought two new organizations within the No Dog Left Behind community. These puppies are about 9 weeks old and will soon be looking forward to bringing their smile and wagging tail to a new forever home!

Lewis-Upshur Animal Control in West Virginia needed to make room in their shelter for new animals, which means they needed to find new homes for others. The Humane Society of Westmoreland County was ready to receive these pups and we were ready to do our No Dog Left Behind.

This rescue may only seem like 3 dogs, but when you consider the bottle-neck that the lack of space in a facility poses to an overcrowded shelter, this rescue mission will help countless dogs and other animals in the future. Layer that with the lives of people that these dogs will touch – priceless.

And we here at No Dog Left Behind are really excited about the future of these partnerships with Lewis-Upshur Animal Control and The Humane Society of Westmoreland County. With an estimated 2 million pets each year without a future, it takes not only as many players working for the good of pets and animals, but as many groups working together for the wellbeing of animals everywhere!