Landpilots Dave Stash and Emily Lewkowicz No Dog Left Behindner with One by One Animal Advocates to Rescue 7 Dogs, Including a Canine Parvovirus Survivor, from Huntington, WV to Gettysburg, PA.

A special thanks to No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Dave Stash and Emily Lewkowicz for spending time to rescue these amazing dogs and giving them a chance at a better life! Their sacrifice has directly impacted 7 phenomenal dogs and indirectly helped countless others. We thank you.

A Beautiful Partnership

We at No Dog Left Behind are only as good as the people in our organization, in our community and in our support network. We are so glad to have had the opportunity to partner for the first time with such a wonderful organization as One by One Animal Advocates. Their contribution on this rescue has been amazing and we are excited for the endless potential in our future together!

All 7 dogs on this rescue trip were going to Adams County SPCA, where they’ll have a chance at a bright future! Please contact them if you are interested in adopting one of these dogs.

We have some really great personalities on this rescue mission and some truly amazing back stories.

Reggie’s Battle With Parvovirus

Reggie, a 2 year old beagle mix, is a parvo survivor. This disease is a horrific encounter for dogs to go through, and one that more times than not is fatal. Reggie had it in himself to persevere. Reggie was a stray, along with 5 others, were strays that showed up on a lady’s porch one day. At first signs, he seemed like a healthy and happy dog but the lady soon took notice of his lethargic state, at which point he was diagnosed with canine parvovirus. His infirmity led him to being sustained by a feeding tube and as his health further spiraled down, he was diagnosed with mycoplasma and parainfluenza. His chances were slim and the veterinarian staff around him knew it.

Whether it was out of pity, the commitment that so many veterinarian staff have, or because of that spark that Reggie brings to the room – the team didn’t give up on him and for 8 excruciatingly long days, hung with him. Reggie never lost hope and managed to push through. He’s now fully recovered and looking to bring the same hope, perseverance and positive outlook to a new family!

More info on Canine Parvovirus:

“Parvo” is a fast acting, highly contagious virus that can affect all dogs, but primarily unvaccinated dogs and puppies younger than four months. There is no cure for parvo, but quick veterinary attention can treat some symptoms and be the difference between life and death.  The survival rate for parvo is not great and treatment is costly, but despite all odds, Reggie pulled through!

Among Reggie’s band of 5 wandering strays, Ruthie was a constant companion and was also on the trip north with us and is also anxiously waiting to join a new family!

Oliver and June unfortunately come from a broken home. With their two parents splitting up, these two dogs were put up for adoption. Luckily, these two dogs were both treated well and cared for up until being let go, so they were already altered an on heartworm preventative. They are looking to quickly rejoin a family and bring some of their charm to a house.

Hoser – a 2 year old male – got his namesake from the fire station he was found in and not for other reasons, so your rugs and indoor plants are safe!