No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Carolyn Jochemyk and Hannah Hutton Rescue 30 Dogs and Cats, Including Puppies, Kittens, Mothers and Mothers-To-Be, Bringing Them From Kentucky To Pittsburgh


No Dog Left Behind

Our slogan, #NoDogLeftBehind, means that every dog, cat and animal counts and we embody that in everything we do. This recent mission included an amazing dog Liah, who’s unfortunately been in the “shelter system” for a long time. Every day that goes by, a shelter dog’s chances at a future with a family dwindle. Shelters are tasked with keeping dogs safe and off the streets, but when in such large numbers, it’s harder to ensure that they get to enjoy a full-life as their focus is really just on safety. Shelter life can be stressful and can cause dogs to mentally decline in a very short period of time. Liah is getting a second chance as she’s brought from Kentucky to Pittsburgh. Let’s get this girl adopted!

The No Dog Left Behind team with the combined efforts of great organizations like New Lease on Life, Cross Your Paws, Bridge to Home, Wags to Riches, Morgan County Animal Shelter and Wolfe County Animal Shelter, we were able to directly impact the lives of 30 dogs and, depending on the size of Magnolia’s litter, many more!

Rescue Dogs

Not only were Tom & Jerry present on this episode of “No Dog Left Behind”, but we had a full lineup of other characters totaling 25 dogs and 5 cats:


NAME Receiving Organization WEIGHT Breed Gender Age
Derby    New Lease 27 Lab Mix F ~1 yr.
Jake   New Lease 30 Feist Mix M ~1 yr.
Hazel   New Lease 19 Hound F ~6 mo.
Hayden   New Lease 18 Hound Male ~6 mo.
Liah   New Lease 46 Mix Female ~2 yo F.
Mandy   New Lease 51 Hound F ~2 yo F.
Woodford   New Lease 42 Brittany Male ~3 yo.
Stacey   New Lease 6 Hound F ~8 wk F.
Litter of 6   New Lease Total 30 # Great Pyrenees   ~5 wks
Delilah and litter of 4   New Lease 10 Tortie    
Jerry   Cross Your Paws 29 Beagle M ~3 yrs.
Tom   Cross Your Paws 28 Beagle M ~1.5 yrs.
Litter of 5   Bridge to Home 20 total # Jack Russell Terrier   ~5 wks
Magnolia  Bridge to Home 18 Jack Russell Terrier F ~1 yr. 
Litter of 2   Bridge to Home 17 total #      
Precious   Bridge to Home 7 Pug/Chi Mix F ~2 yr.
Bob   Bridge to Home 7 Pug/Chi/Dox Mix M ~5 mo.


So whether you’re looking for a young puppy or kitten, or pug, Jack Russell, or hound – one of these great organizations has a great dog for you to adopt! Please spread the word. Also, see more of our No Dog Left Behind rescue missions here:

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