No Dog Left Behind 600+ Mile Air Rescue Mission Saves 24 Dogs and Cats Bringing Them From Kentucky to Pennsylvania, Including 4 Prison Dogs Destined To Support America’s Veterans

A special thanks to Pilots Jonathan Plesset and Pete Lehmann for making the flight down to Kentucky to pick these dogs and cats up and get them back to safety and a future of opportunity.

A Life of Neglect

The dogs and cats on this rescue trip come from various backgrounds. Despite the uniqueness of where they came from, they had a few common traits – being pushed aside, forgotten about and left to live a life in constant danger. Danger summed up by the lack of clean food, water and shelter, likelihood of disease and constant threat of peril from the community at large.

That is until great organizations like Morgan County Animal Shelter, Wolfe County Animal Shelter, Pals4Pets Rescue Inc. and Kitty Queen Cat Rescue step up and help these animals in need out.

Among these animals, we had  a number of dogs, puppies, mommy cats and kittens on the passenger list, with first-class tickets to a life of safety. There are some of the most adorable dogs and cats that have maintained such an amazing puppy or kitty-grin that it’s hard to believe where they came from. There are even some “Prison Dogs” on this flight.

Prison Dogs

The Prison Dog program is quite unique. Dogs that are picked up off the street and would otherwise be deemed “unfit” for adoption, are given a second chance through these prison programs.  Eastern Kentucky Correctional Complex allows select inmates to be paired up with dogs to train them in various areas of home-breaking, support and others. The program puts inmates in a position where they are making a positive impact on society and learning skills for after they are released, while getting dogs trained to the point where they not only have a second chance at a life with a family but are also able to provide societal benefit through supporting others. Upon graduation, Pals4Pets lines them up with people in need, whether it is a child or person with disabilities, elderly person that needs company or a veteran that needs support.  

“Let me tell you about prison dogs. Well pick 5 every 6 weeks, send them up to eastern k and those inmates train these dogs. These are un-adoptable dogs. I either send them to the prison or I’d have to euthanize them. They come out a totally different dog. Not the same dog as when they went in. And it absolutely saves their lives.”

For instance, one of these dogs – Calllie – was tethered to a chain for 2 years. Never let off the chain or allowed to roam more than the 10 foot radius around the pull she was tied to. When she was rescued, she was as antisocial as anyone would have been in a situation like that. Without the Prison Program, Callie’s prospects would have been slim to none. With that said, she went to the Prison Program, put in her time and effort and came out top of her class.

If we spend too much time thinking about the hardship that these dogs and cats had to endure, it’s tough for us to see positive sides of life. But, when we take a look at the entire picture, think about where they came from, what went into their rescue and where they are now – “Really, truly, there is good in the world.”

The great people from Pals4Pets will work on connecting these dogs with veterans or maybe a child if one of the dogs is approved for a service dog training program!

Since time of rescue, one of these dogs – Berkley – has been paired up with a navy veteran already and is already bringing them smiles!

We implore each and every one of you reading this to consider adopting one of these dogs or cats, or just to think adoption first before going to buy a new pet. There are so many great pets that are out there that have been left and neglected just waiting for a chance at a new home. And what enjoyment they’ll bring you!