No Dog Left Behind Plane Rescues 13 Dogs From Hoarding Home In Virginia and Gives First Class Flights to Gettysburg and a Future of Opportunity

Pete Lehmann flew to Dublin, Virginia to save chihuahuas, Italian Greyhound mixes, and some older dogs from horrendous living conditions. Some of these dogs were in desperate need of support and opportunity, which is where No Dog Left Behind came to the rescue.

Sometimes it’s harder for the older dogs to get adopted, so moving them into different shelters increases the probability of them finding a new and loving home. The great people at Pulaski Animal Care and Control got these dogs ready for their trip with No Dog Left Behind to Adams County SPCA in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, who will be receiving these dogs.

And what a treat this will be for the people of Adam’s County.

About The Dogs

Howard, a male hound mix, was severely emaciated and showed many signs of long-term neglect. Howard is now looking for a home that will treat him right and give him lots of attention.

Amos and Dudley, a 3-year-old male hound and a 2-year-old male hound mix, are looking for another chance at adoption. Both of these dogs are 1-year veterans of the shelter system and we truly hope that they find a home soon.

Bailey, a 2-year-old female boxer mix, was along for the ride as well. Unfortunately, Bailey’s owner had to be hospitalized and can no longer take care of this pretty girl and now she’s looking for a new home.

Where They’ll Be Staying

Adams County SPCA is located in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Adams County SPCA has been serving the Adams County Area since April 301976. They are a private nonprofit organization that shoulders the important task of caring for the thousands of the displaced animals that come through their doors, year in and year out.

These organizations exist to keep animals off the streets and to help them get into homes. If you’re interested in adopting one of these lovely animals, stop by their location at 11 Goldenville Rd, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.