29 Dogs Rescued from Varying Degrees of Horrendous Circumstances, 1 Owner Jailed in Kentucky, Numerous Outstanding Members of the Community Help Out, and 1 Plane Took to the Skies Piloted by Pete Lehmann and Adrian Balister Towards Pittsburgh and a Better Future for these Rescued Dogs

A special thanks to No Dog Left Behind Pilot Pete Lehmann and Adrian Balister for giving up their Sunday to pick up these dogs and bring them to safety. Their efforts and commitment to such a great cause just this week has supported the lives of 29 dogs, most of which are newborn puppies. 

Rescuing Dogs From Neglect & Cruelty

Animal neglect and cruelty is often a act that goes unpunished. It’s not that we should seek retribution for loathing acts of animal cruelty but there are certain responsibilities put on a person when they make the decision to own a pet and other requirements put on the human consciousness.

Abandoning 2 innocent dogs for over 2 weeks while one is locked on a chain and the other is locked inside a house with no attention, food or water, is an act that does not go unnoticed.

“We would have called sooner but kept thinking someone would come.”

Luckily, the local community stepped up and a neighbor notified authorities about the neglect, the dogs were rescued, and the owner was jailed, according to local law enforcement.

3 others on the No Dog Left Behind passenger list – Cater, Wilber and Asia – were likewise found tied up outside with no attention, shelter, food or water. Taurus and Shawna, two German Shephard mixes, were abandoned inside a car. We also have two new mothers Bella and Greta (both lab mixes) travelling with their litter of pups.

From Danger to Safety

These animals were picked up from Wags to Riches and Morgan County Animal Shelter in Kentucky and 3 great organizations including New Lease on Life, Cross Your Paws and Bridge to Home.

These dogs and pups are looking forward to joining a family and bringing joy and happiness with them! Please reach out to New Lease on Life, Cross Your Paws and Bridge to Home if you’re interested in adopting one of these great dogs!