No Dog Left Behind Landplane pilots David Stash & Jim Moran Rescue 10 Dogs & 8 Cats From Overcrowding, Bringing Them to a Future of Hope, Happiness and Opportunity.

A special thanks to McguireWoods LLC for this mission who has not only been an amazing friend to the No Dog Left Behind team, supporting us with crossing and dotting our legal t’s and i’s, and their amazing, generous donation on their “Jeans Day” at work. Thank you for your constant support!

All of the great dogs and kittens from this mission are being taken in with open arms and open hearts by the amazing people at New Lease on Life. There are some truly amazing dogs on this mission as well…

More about our star-studded rescue mission passenger list:


Groot – 30 pounds of lab puppy cuteness

Gracie – 3-year old, 35-pound Jack Russell Mix

Zena – this Princess is no warrior, rather an adorable terrier mix

Isla – a 45 pound terrier mix looking to bring happiness to a new home

A special note about Isla is that she’s been living in a shelter for over a year now and is ready to get to a home. Below is the room she’s lived in for the last year – let’s all do our part to get her adopted! 

Isla’s room for the last year


We’ve also got 5 9-week old Lab mix puppies and 8 unbelievably cute kittens, ready to brighten any home they enter.


A little background on overcrowding in animal shelters:

Nearly everyone enjoys summer time and with warmer weather comes more outdoor activity. Windows and doors are left open to allow for a breeze to come in. People spend more time out and the outdoors are enjoyed by most.

What most people don’t realize is this “opening up” to the outdoors in the warmer months leads to an influx at your local animal shelters. Household pets, like dogs and cats, are presented with greater opportunity to wander outside, and potentially get lost. Relentless summer heat isn’t always the most welcoming to house-trained pets. Because of the summer influx of strays, animal shelters have to prepare themselves for this shift in seasonality.

Our friends in Virginia are getting their shelter prepared for this likely influx to ensure they’re able to provide the attention that all animals that come to their door requires. A New Lease on Life decided to step up and help Pulaski Animal Care and Control by taking 10 dogs and 8 cats in. No Dog Left Behind was there to make sure these animals got from one organization to another safely.

This is a classic case of groups of people coming together collectively to achieve more than each individually added together. Because of New Lease on Life, Pulaski and No Dog Left Behind coming together, New Leash on Life is able bring some really amazing dogs and cats to their shelter to brighten the days of more families and Pulaski is going to be able to help and support more animals going into the busy summer months!

We encourage everyone to consider the implications of letting your dogs wander a stray. Shelters are great places compared to living on the streets and do truly amazing things but what they can’t compare to is the love and joy that a pet at home brings, and they can never make up for the heartbreak in their wake of a lost pet.

Take care of your pets. Support your local shelters whenever/however you can. Make a difference in an animal’s life.