From Danger to Safety, 23 Guinea Pigs and Hamsters Were Rescued By No Dog Left Behind Rapid Response Land Pilots in an Emergency Rescue in Beckley, VA to Pittsburgh for Specialized Care at Wheek Care Guinea Pig Rescue.

A special thanks to No Dog Left Behind volunteers – Kelly Genovese & Tammy Trasatti – for making the trip at a moment notice to rescue these small, adorable Guinea Pigs and Hamsters! When time is of the essence, our dedicated No Dog Left Behind crew is ready to drop everything and help animals in need!

When a large case of animal cruelty and neglect affects 14 Guinea Pigs and 9 Hamsters, there are very few places that can give such specialized care in large numbers. Getting them to Wheek Care Guinea Pig Rescue in New Kensington was a matter of urgency. One of these little guys needed surgery nearly immediately upon arrival to remove a stone, while all 22 others needed varying kinds of veterinarian care.

Had our No Dog Left Behind mission been delayed, there’s a strong possibility the number of Guinea Pigs and Hamsters could have changed drastically. Not only could some of them not have made it, but there were others on the way. One of the small mammals making this trip was an expecting mother and because of the combined efforts on this mission – from Wyoming County Paw Patrol Rescue, Wheek Care Guinea Pig Rescue, No Dog Left Behind volunteers Kelly and Tammy, as well as the other support staff to ensure this mission would happen – this mother’s children get a start at a brighter world.

As these Hamsters and Guinea Pigs get nursed back to health, they’ll be available to Adopt from Wheek Care Guinea Pig Rescue. After the cruelty filled life that we look back on for them, they deserve a better chance moving forward! If you have a welcoming house and compassion in your heart for these animals, please help them find a new home. 

To continue operating in the way we do, donations are always appreciated in form of our donation page, attending our events or purchasing one of the t-shirts you saw our Rapid Response team sporting on this mission!