The No Dog Left Behind Landplane rescues 30 dogs, including mother and pups, from horrid conditions in Morehead, KY to a life filled with potential in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Kentucky is often faced with an over-abundance of animals in their shelters, all vying for space. The No Dog Left Behind team’s mission was to support these shelters and animals by transporting them from Morgan County Animal Shelter, Wags to Riches and Wolfe County Animal Shelter to four great receiving organizations New Lease on Life, Cross Your Paws, Senior Hearts and Bridge to Home.

The Dogs’ Stories:

The cast of dogs and pups that were on this fortunate trip have had a few battle scars in their life.

Zena – a proud new mother of 6 – was found in a barrel covered in mud, where she had delivered her 6 puppies.

Bocephus was found with rubber bands on him, presumably from a home-style medical procedure.

Bear, a gorgeous German Shepard, was found astray with a mangled foot and he will be getting the surgery and care he deserves thanks to the amazing hearts at Cross Your Paws.

Harry and Halina are two senior dogs that will be getting specialized care from Senior Hearts Rescue and Renewal. Harry unfortunately was hit by a car which broke his jaw and hip, which was not treated at the time of the incident but will now be taken care of.

Erwin, a poodle aged 70 in dog-years (or just 10 years old), was so heavily matted that he dropped nearly a quarter of his weight on intake after he was shaved!

This trip was symbolic in a way that went beyond just saving dogs in need. It was also an emotional trip for supporting a new mother in need (Zena) and a family in hardship (Zena’s pups). It was about supporting those injured or with deformities (Bear and Harry), reaching a helping hand out to the elderly dogs (Harry, Halina and Erwin) and caring for the neglected.

Where To Adopt These Dogs:

We hope those reading are moved by the terrible walks of life these animals have come from and their positive outlook on the future. A list of these pups exists below for your consideration on adoption:

Zippy – New Lease on Life 58lbs 2 yo male gold and white long hair retriever mix
Kelby – New Lease on Life 57lbs 1 yo male white with black long hair sheep dog
Ross – New Lease on Life 52lbs Male border collie mix
Watson – New Lease on Life 27lbs Male mix
Zena plus 6 puppies – Cross Paws 46lbs Black female
Litter of 2 – Cross Your Paws 30lbs Total Casper and Templeton, 4 Mo White Husky Mix
Ruger – Cross Your Paws 7lbs 8 week male blood hound mix
Bocephus – Crros Your Paws 57lbs Boxer Dane mix
Litter of 8 – Cross Your Paws 58lbs 8 week sheep mixes
Rocky – Cross Your Paws 16lbs 4 month old beagle mix
Sally – Cross Your Paws 16lbs 8 month old Feist
Bear – Cross Your Paws 57lbs GSD mix
Erwin – Cross your Paws 20lbs 10 year old Poodle


Harry – Senior Hearts 5lbs 12yo male chi
Halina – Senior Hearts 5lbs 10yo female chi
Butterfly – Bridge to Home 18lbs 2mo female aus. mix


Thank you for your support!