17 Bunnies Tennessee Air Rescue Mission 

17 Rabbits took to the skies on a unique mission to give hope to rabbits that were left hopeless. Pilot Pete Lehmann flew to Tennessee battling 50+ knot headwinds that made the flight a bit…sporty!

Don’t let the hashtag fool you. We’re an equal animal opportunity rescue crew. If there are dogs, cats or any other animal that needs a chance at hope, our landplane or airplane rescue crew can be there to help them out.

A recent mission saw our pilot, Pete Lehman, rescuing 17 absolutely adorable, furry, cuddly … rabbits!

Horrendous Living Conditions

(Image rights: https://www.kwtx.com/content/news/Hundreds-of-battered-bunnies-found-crammed-in-crates-in-Texas-barn-506790841.html)

The SPCA of Texas humane rescue raid recently uncovered a total of 452 bunnies from absolutely horrid living conditions. These otherwise adorable bunnies were speckled with injuries, poor hygiene and sicknesses. A number of these bunnies had injured limbs, wounds, and matted fur, and one even had a missing eye while another had a missing ear.

Despite the amazing work of the SPCA of Texas, two rabbits did not make it and were found deceased during their raid of the property.

A Hope for a Better Future:

As we mourn the two that didn’t make it, we must give hope for a better future to the 452 rabbits that survived.  To be put through conditions like they just were, they deserve as much hope for the future as any pet has ever needed.

With so many animals rescued, it was necessary for a number of different places to take them in to ensure that they make it to loving households. Our No Dog Left Behind of the mission was to bring in 17 of these bunnies from a midway point in Tennessee.

These 17 bunnies were headed to amazing organizations in the Pittsburgh area for a shot at a better life. An amazing organization – Rabbit Wranglers – will be helping these bunnies to a better future.

Contact one of these organizations if you are in need of a new rabbit or just pet in general. These rabbits will make great pets and deserve a shot at life with a great, caring family!