John and Chirstine Tortorella Family Foundation Saves 10 Dogs

This post and rescue mission is in dedication to the John and Christine Tortorella Family Foundation. This rescue mission would not have been possible without their outstanding generosity and love of animals. We here at the No Dog Left Behind team and on behalf of our community thank you.

The Mission: Dublin, VA

When a shelter is overburdened with animals, the No Dog Left Behind team is ready to rise to the occasion. When Pulaski Animal Care and Control Rescue asked if we’d be willing to transport some animals, our ground crew readied the Landplane and embarked on a journey to Dublin, VA.

A lot of people do not realize the planning and logistics that these rescue centers go through in making sure that they keep dogs in a safe environment but when Pulaski Animal Care and Control Rescue shelter reached out to us, it was due to incredible foresight on their part. Their shelter was nearly full and the weather radar was looking bleak. With poor weather comes abandoned pets that need picked up and a place to live. They needed to make sure there was room so that they could welcome more pets to safety. As always, we were ready for our part.

The 600+ mile round trip would see the No Dog Left Behind team from Pittsburgh to Dublin and then to Gettysburg, PA before heading home. Landpilots Dave Stash and Carolyn Jochymek were ready to bring some hope and happiness to these 10 dogs!

These dogs were going to Adams County SPCA who were more than happy to take in these dogs and help them find new and loving families.

This trip brought with it an amazing variety of rescue dogs that you don’t normally see, such as a Shar Pei mix and an English Sheep Dog! So, if you are looking to adopt a rescue dog and were looking for an out of the ordinary rescue breed – please contact Adams County SPCA!

We would again like to thank everyone for their support. Thank you to Pulaski Animal Care and Control Rescue and Adams County SPCA for doing your best to keep dogs safe and working to get them in happy homes. Thank you again to our landpilots Dave Stash and Carolyn Jochymek for making the trip and of course, thank you once again to the John and Christine Tortorella Family Foundation for making this happen.

A final thank you, and our deepest gratitude, to those families that rise to the need and do something truly amazing by bringing these great dogs into your homes.