Get To Know Us: Part 1

On a regular basis, the No Dog Left Behind Landplane and Airplane Pilots go to extraordinary lengths to extend a helping hand to dogs, cats, and other animals in need.

Satisfaction to them is in the rescue. Knowing that they’ve helped an animal – taken them from a possibly dangerous environment to one of hope and freedom – is reward in itself.

That being said, we wanted to give our community a better look inside at these pilots so for the first episode of “Get To Know Us”, we’ll get a better look at Pete Lehmann.

Pete Lehmann

Pete has been a pilot with No Dog Left Behind since 2006.

Pete has a love for all animals but finds a particular affinity towards Siamese Cats. What’s more (here come’s the spoiler), Pete loves to fly.

The combination of the two has made him a perfect No Dog Left Behind of our team.

Another interesting fact about Pete to further his love for all things aviation – he once held the world’s record for the longest hang glider flight to a declared goal (321 miles)! Pete generously donated his record-setting Talon 150 to the National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution in 2006.

Join us in showing your gratitude to Pete in the comments below and help us raise more money, to ensure Pete and our other pilots have many more rescue missions in their future!

Thank you for your support!