It was a simple proposition. 20 dogs that had run out of time in their shelters could find a new beginning if we could make the long road journey to give them a chance. No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Brittany Lewkowicz and Emily Lewkowicz were ready and willing when the call went out to help these 20.

First up they headed for Breezewood where they would be meeting up with a dog named Max who would be hitching a ride with us down to Virginia. Max had the whole Landplane all to his self! After an overnight stay in Virginia the ladies went to Pulaski County Humane Society in Dublin, VA where they loaded up 19 dogs for their voyage north.

First stop was at the Adams County SPCA where 11 dogs would be going and then back on the road to Pittbsurgh where the remaining 8 would be going to Paws Across Pittsburgh. 20 dogs all made the trip and because of Brittany and Emily these animals now all have a second chance! Great work team!!!!