44 animals from various under-funded shelters took a special trip from danger to safety with No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Carolyn and Dennis yesterday. 37 dogs and 7 cats now have a chance to find the love that all animals desire. The need to love and be a part of the “pack” is ingrained in these animals from birth. They seek us out to form a symbiotic relationship with our families. The love they give is reciprocated with the love they receive. It’s a special bond that each day we fight to preserve.

Starting out at a meeting point at the Martinsville Henry County SPCA the animals made a trip north to the North Shore Animal League America where they have the best possible chance for finding love. These rescue trips are vital to moving these animals for which resources don’t exist to give them options. Our team is the bridge to these animals getting a second chance and each day we are thankful for our incredible volunteers, staff, and supporters who make this all happen. Great work to everyone who made this trip possible.