For 32 dogs and 5 cats a second chance would come thanks to a special mission sponsored by Dale Glasser in honor of Saba, her beloved pet. Saba’s memory will carry on in the form of 37 animals that have gone from Danger to Safety thanks to No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Brittany Lewkowicz and Marie Regula.

For no fault of their own, rural shelters don’t have the resources to deal with an influx of animals when they come into their shelters. Identifying these animals, and helping them find a better situation, is joint effort between our team, the Martinsville Henry County SPCA, and North Shore Animal League America. The animals are gathered in Martinsville from shelters down south and our team deployed there over a two day mission on Monday.

Brittany and Marie spent the night in Martinsville after deploying in the Landplane from Pittsburgh the previous day. After carefully loading each animal, making sure they are safe and secure, they headed North to meet North Shore where each of these special animals will go on their last step before finding a furever home. Great work everyone special thanks to Dale for sponsoring this mission.