14 cats and 1 dog, pulled from rural areas by our friends at the B.A.R.C Boone Animal Rescue Coalition, arrived safely at Providence Animal Center and Mostly Muttz Rescue after a second chance ride with our team.

No Dog Left Behind Land Pilots Tim Bouvy and Larry Johnson set out for Morgantown, WV yesterday in the No Dog Left Behind Landplane. There they met our friends at B.A.R.C and loaded these precious animals in our Landplane. From there our team headed north with stops in Media, PA and Morgantown, PA. After a long day of driving the guys headed back home to Pittsburgh with their hearts full. 15 animals for whom something as simple as a ride meant all the difference woke up this morning with a new chance.

No Dog Left Behind does these missions free of charge to both the sending and receiving shelters. We rely on public support to help keep the wheels rolling and propellors spinning. Please consider helping our team. Help can be in the form of donations, volunteering, and even likes and shares on social media. Thank you for your support everyone. We love you all.