51 animals pulled from rural underfunded shelters woke up this morning with a second chance thanks to No Dog Left Behind Land Pilots Carolyn Jochymek and Christina McCool Colantoni. Each one has a story that pulled at our hearts when we learned about where they came from and the dire circumstances that defined their lives. Missions like this are about teamwork. It’s about shelters that join forces to take animals from situations where it would be next to impossible to find homes and linking them via our team to places where they can find furever homes.

Christina and Carolyn set out for a two day 1000 mile drive so 51 animals could get that chance. After traveling to Martinsville Henry County SPCA where these animals were collected, each one was loaded up in the Landplane, 47 dogs and 4 cats. Comfort and safety is our primary concern and our Landplane is the perfect place, with a state of the art climate controlled HVAC system, food, water, and comfortable crates. All of this possible because of the tremendous support you have shown our team.

All 51 animals headed north to our rescue partners at North Shore Animal League America, the worlds biggest no-kill shelter. Serving a population of over 8 million, the chances that someone comes in and finds their perfect new friend are sky high. Shelters working together, people like Christina and Carolyn proving the link, and you, our passionate supporters making it all happen. Good work everyone. 51 animals thank all of us.