19 dogs flew to safety during an urgent mission that demonstrated our unique ability to jump into action and deploy our air power to help animals in need. We got word that 19 animals from Arkansas needed immediate air rescue. With the shelter over capacity, finding a suitable destination on short notice meant a long trip up north. Coordinating with another pilot to break the trip into two flights was the best possible hope to fly these animals during a small window of suitable weather. Within hours the trip was planned and ready to deploy.

No Dog Left Behind Pilot Pete Lehmann took off from the Allegheny County Airport in the No Dog Left Behind Plane and flew south to Madison, IN where fellow aviator Jane Crowder was meeting us in her airplane. Both pilots faced challenging winter weather conditions with strong winds and icing conditions. Nevertheless, the two pilots each took on the risks and flew to southern Indiana where 19 dogs were transferred from Jane’s plane to No Dog Left Behind’s plane.

After a grueling flight home the No Dog Left Behind Plane landed in Beaver County, PA where Animal Care and Welfare, Inc was waiting to take all 19 animals. These animals will be available for adoption soon. Please contact Animal Care and help us complete the story by adopting one of these special dogs.

This mission is dedicated to The Antin family whose support made this flight possible. Benjamin and Rachel Antin, son Adam and doggie Snoopy, Jason and Rachel Antin along with Mitchell and Lisa Antin, this mission is for all of you. Thank you for your support and dedication to leaving No Dog Left Behind.