55 animals were rescued from underfunded rural shelters and given a second chance on our No Dog Left Behind Land Plane by Landpilots David Stash and Carolyn Jochymek. The duo set off for a two day journey to give these animals safe passage to their new life.

Smaller shelters that work tirelessly to help animals are always faced with an influx of animals that their local population just cannot support. Without adequate resources there are little options available. Our team goes to places like these and something as simple as a ride changes their future. 40 dogs and 15 cats found this out when we mobilized to help.

All 55 of these special animals were taken to North Shore Animal League America in order to give each of them the best possible chance at a new beginning. With a huge population of potential families, over 8 million in the area, each of them has an opportunity to go to a furever home. Animals from places with limited resources, moved to places with an abundance. It’s the core of what we do. Dave and Carolyn were to the bridge for these animals. Sacrifice, dedication, and hearts of gold. Thank you No Dog Left Behind Landpilots!

This mission was done in honor of Erika Kolod and in memory of her beloved dog Pnut. The memory of her special dog helped give 55 animals a second chance. Pnut would be proud Erika!