30 dogs, 14 cats, 1328 Miles driven, 3 days on the road, and over 23 hours of driving. The numbers speak volumes about the dedication of No Dog Left Behind Landpilots David Stash and Christina McCool Colantoni. These two amazing volunteers set out to help 44 animals from rural shelters for whom a second chance came in the form of a four wheeled state of the art transport we lovingly call the Land Plane. It’s powered by the hearts of people like David and Christina who literally go the extra mile to save animals so they can enrich the lives of people.

The team set out for the Martinsville Henry County SPCA on Monday where equally amazing people at the shelter were ready and waiting for us. Once the precious cargo was loaded we made the long journey north to our rescue friends at North Shore Animal League America who will take these animals who had no where else to go. Once there they are vetted, loved, and placed for adoption. 44 animals have this special chance of a new beginning and we revel in the thought of that moment when 44 families take these animals home. It’s magic. So proud of you Dave and Christina. You gifted these animals hope while bringing them from danger to safety.