At some point yesterday an air mission and a land mission crossed paths, one in the sky and one on the land, each on their way to giving a second chance. First up was the Land Team with No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Andrew Morsillo and David Stash heading to Nashville, TN where 27 dogs were waiting. The Landplane met up with the Humane Society of the Quachita’s whose shelter was overcrowded and needed to send dogs North. All 27 were placed in our climate controlled transport, given a treat, and lovingly driven up north by David and Andrew.

The guys spent the next 10 hours heading north to meet a team from Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons, Inc. who sent their truck to meet us in Breezewood, PA. The animals were then loaded up in their truck and driven to their facility in East Hampton where all of them will be ready in time for Christmas!!! Great example of teamwork the the dedication to join up to help more. This kind of mission cannot be done without the cooperation of multiple groups. We are honored to play a No Dog Left Behind in such a wonderful rescue trip!

Please contact ARF of the Hamptons if you wish to adopt any of these amazing doggies!