On the night we celebrated our No Dog Left Behind holiday party the missions never stopped as we welcomed 62 animals to our holiday party courtesy of No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Alicia Dible and Jennifer Trancraitor. 62 dogs, one cuter than the next, just in time for Christmas. Amazing.

Jennifer and Alicia made their way to Precious Friends Puppy Rescue and Adoption in Tennessee on Monday. They spent the night and early yesterday they loaded the No Dog Left Behind Landplane with 62 dogs from underfunded rural shelters for their second chance journey to a new life. The team headed back to Pittsburgh were our good friends at North Shore Animal League America joined us at our holiday party while we all waited for these special pups to arrive. Our volunteers all had the chance to help load all 62 into North Shores truck and they headed out to Long Island to complete their journey.

What an amazing night that was capped off with a rescue. We are approaching 100 rescue missions for the year and we are still going!!!! We cant wait to learn about the lucky families who adopt these little guys right in time for Christmas!!!!