50 dogs made a second chance journey from danger to safety with No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Dennis Bayne and Val Jackson. This mission is a heartwarming example of the power of dedicated people like Dennis and Val who dropped everything to spend two days on the road to make a difference in the lives of 50 animals. These dogs will now have the chance to make an important impact in the lives of 50 families who will make one of them their newest companion.

The team headed to Clarksville, TN in the No Dog Left Behind Landplane on Monday and spent the night. Early Tuesday morning they woke up and went to Precious Friends Puppy Rescue where all 50 dogs were anxiously waiting for their journey. Once loaded the pups took a road trip back to Pittsburgh where they met a team from North Shore Animal League America. From there these animals will travel north to North Shore’s facility on Long Island.

Missions like these are crucial to helping shelters open up space. Without them, there is nowhere for animals to go. This is why we do what we do. Shelters can be helped, animals are saved, and people’s lives become changed by the animals that are adopted. 50 dogs have a new lease on life thanks to a small dedicated team of volunteers who move mountains to make these missions a reality. Please help support our team and give hope to the hopeless by making a small donation. Great work Dennis and Val.