What did PAART Pilot Pete Lehmann and Co-Pilot girlfriend and Annie Valdes do on Pete’s birthday? They helped save 21 cats in two part air and land rescue mission.

Pete and Annie took the PAART Plane to Charleston, WV where thy met up with our old friends at B.A.R.C Boone Animal Rescue Coalition who had 21 cats ready to take a second chance flight with our team. All 21 were model citizens and the purring from the back sounded like we finally had our second engine airplane! A few hours later Pete and Annie returned to Pittsburgh and met up with the PAART Landteam

PAART Landpilots Jim Moran and Tammy Trasatti filled the Landplane with all 21 cats and headed east where the weather wasn’t good enough to fly. After a drive across Pennsylvania the team arrived at Providence Animal Center where all 21 cats can now have that precious chance to find a family that will love them. Great job to both the land and air teams who demonstrated the ability to cover both the sky and the ground, a capability that make PAART so unique.

Happy Birthday Pete…we love you.