A reunion for a lost dog, 39 dogs needing a second chance, and 1 Monarch Butterfly who had to go south to survive, yup…another incredible No Dog Left Behind Mission that we cant wait to share.

No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Mark Britton and Carolyn Jochymek started the mission on Monday by meeting up Maggie, a dog that had been lost for over a year that was found in Pittsburgh. Maggie needed a ride to Tennessee to be reunited with her mom Iva and our team was happy to make it happen. Once Maggie was loaded the team picked up a special rare Monarch Butterfly named Hope who needed to escape the cold climate and make her way south with the help of the Butler Butterfly Lady.

After arriving in Tennessee on Monday, reuniting Maggie, and delivering Hope the Butterfly, the team got some much needed sleep. Early yesterday morning Mark and Carolyn woke up and headed to Precious Friends Puppy Rescue and Adoption where 39 pups were waiting for their second chance ride up north to North Shore Animal League America. These 39 cuties were handed off late last night to our good friends at North Shore who took all 39 to their world class facility on Long Island.

If you want to adopt any of these 39 pups please contact North Shore directly. Great work Mark and Carolyn. In case you missed it scroll down to the previous post where you can see a video of Maggie’s reunion.

Please remember that all donations up to $60k are being matched by our donor. These missions only happen because of your support. Please help us continue to make a difference in the lives of animals.

One last thing folks! This mission was incredible and we did this mission in honor (without his knowledge) of our amazing co-founder Jonathan S Plesset on his birthday! His love, support and dedication to this organization knows no boundaries. Many of you who know Jon know how funny he is, and how much he loves Jeffrey his toddler and Megan his lovely wife—but to all of us at No Dog Left Behind we see him as a leader, a man of incredible integrity and honesty, with ideas and intelligence that never cease to amaze us! From the staff, volunteers and our Board if Directors we love you Jon and hope you had a happy day!