In light of the events of the past 24 hours its hard to even think about talking about anything else other than the tragedy we as Pittsburgher’s experienced. It’s easy to forget in moments like these that evil people only make a tiny percentage of our community. This is not the norm, rather this is the outlining exception.

People like Pilots Rebecca Mihalcik and Pete Lehmann are the norm. Two individuals who put themselves at risk to save 9 dogs that they have never met. Each of them demonstrate to all of us that good exists all around us. There is so much of it that sometimes we forget to notice.

Rebecca and Pete spent 7 hours flying in bad weather, having to divert hundreds of miles out of their way to Nashville, TN to meet another pilot who was flying up the Humane Society of The Quachita in Arkansas. Instead of turning back, Rebecca and Pete kept going because they represent what a normal citizen of Pittsburgh looks like. We are people who go above and beyond to make sure the good prevails. We are people who will put ourselves at risk to help others, even our four legged friends. We are people who give back and help others. We are a community of people who love each other.

We are Pittsburgh Strong.

All nine of these dogs were taken to Animal Care and Welfare, Inc