No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Diana Betz and Tim Bouvy helped give a second chance to 40 dogs in Kentucky who wake up this morning with a new chance to find their furever home. Both Landpilots did an incredible job after spending two days away from home to bring these 40 special animals from Danger to Safety.

The mission departed early Saturday morning in the Original Landplane (fresh from a 200,000 miles tuneup!) for Morehead, KY. After arriving late in the evening the team spent the night in a hotel and dreamed of saving doggies. Early Sunday morning they met up with the Wolfe County Animal Shelter, Morgan County Animal Shelter, and Wags to Riches to begin general boarding of all 40 animals onto the Landplane.

The team headed North, back to Pittsburgh where they met Cross Your Paws Rescue where all 40 of these animals are going. If you wish to adopt any of these animals now is your chance! All you have to do is click on their link and you are good to begin the process. Incredible work by everyone who was involved. We are thrilled to have amazing Landpilots like Diana and Tim!