33 chickens and 2 cats traveled across the beautiful state of Pennsylvania on a warm fall day to find sanctuary and love. The chickens were part of a humane investigation case where there were over 800 chicks relinquished to the Pennsylvania SPCA after being found in a vacant lot without proper water, feed or shelter. Sadly, they were the lone survivors of an original group of about 2500 chicks.

Up before the rooster crows, land pilots Don Siegel and Diane Fasciano set out in the No Dog Left Behind Land Plane to meet up with the PSPCA folks to pick up our precious little passengers. After getting loaded up and hitting the road, 8 chicks were dropped off to their brand new home with in Honey Grove PA. Those lucky little chicks got to spend the day checking out their new environment, in a proper setting for the first time in their young lives. Our land pilots then moved on to the next stop for 5 of the chicks, Hope Haven Farm Sanctuary. Founded and operated by our amazing friend Dr. Karen Phillips, Hope Haven is a wonderful farm animal sanctuary located in the North Hills area of Pittsburgh. Those 5 chicks will certainly have it made with all of their new farm friends! Lastly, 20 chicks and 2 cats went just a little further north to Prospect, PA with their new adopter who simply adores them. Thank you to Nicole Wilson and the amazing humane investigations team at the PSPCA – our state is very fortunate to have them protecting our animals.

It was a long day for our drivers as they pulled into the airport after the mission was complete but they can rest their heads knowing that they helped a lot of precious lives!

No Dog Left Behind doesn’t just ask why the chicken crosses the road; instead we carry them across the road – and across counties and cities to move them from danger to safety.