3 days on the road, 29 dogs given a second chance, and over 1700 miles driven. For No Dog Left Behind Landpilots David Stash and Kent Knight, its just another normal week. We show you the pics from these missions to display the happiness we see as rescuers in these animals faces. The faces of our Landpilots, well the pics you see of them are equally as priceless. Rescue work is good for the soul. It connects us to the part of our heart where empathy and kindness lives. Dave Stash and Kent Knight thrive off that feeling and we see in their eyes the same face we see in these animals…hope. We are lucky to share this experience with them.
The story is not just about helping animals, beneath the surface, what we are really doing, is helping people.

Dave and Kent started this journey on Monday when they set out to visit the incredible people at the Martinsville Henry County SPCA. After a night in a hotel they woke up bright and early and loaded 29 dogs into the New Landplane and headed north to North Shore Animal League America where all of these doggies will benefit from their world-class facility. About a week from now they will all be in a loving home. It’s a partnership we cherish because we when when they go to North Shore their path to a second chance is in the hands of the best.

The guys spent the night in New York and are on their way home right now. Amazing….