16 dogs were loaded onto the No Dog Left Behind Landplane early this morning – some by shopping cart, which is adorable. Our rescue partners for this mission are the Humane Society of Catawba County and Clayton County Animal Control. These lucky dogs are headed to Gettysburg PA and Irwin PA!

First stop will be Adams County SPCA, where 13 dogs will be looking for their forever homes! The remaining 3 pups will head over to our wonderful partners at Cross Your Paws Rescue and be available for adoption very soon! Watch their pages and websites if you are interested in any of these beauties! Land Pilots Captain Dennis Bayne and his student co-pilot Lisa Kocsis report these guys are super cute. There is a little Chihuahua on board who has a lot to say, including something about a new bed, new toys, and the best food money can buy! So if you are looking for a little dog, check Adams County SPCA’s Facebook page and maybe you can meet this little guy’s demands!

This mission is in honor of, and supported by, the Internatonal Brotherhood of Electrical Workers #5. Thousands of their electricians are working in the areas affected by Hurricane Florence. Many thanks to them and Happy Birthday to their now-retired former leader and No Dog Left Behind Land Pilot Don Siegel! We love Don and think ALL of our volunteers are heroes!
Thank you all for supporting our work as we criss-cross the country saving thousands of lives! We have been very busy and could not do this work without YOU!

Happy trails little doggies!! Have a wonderful life!