62 dogs are on their way from danger to safety in one of the most unique ways to honor someone we have seen. Aunt Elva Bertha is turning 100 years old and her love of animals has stretched throughout her incredible life. What better way to celebrate her milestone than to do a mission in her honor on her 100th birthday. We are thrilled to have done this mission for you Aunt Elva.

While Hurricane Florence is currently taking priority there is still critical needs for animals in other parts of the county. 62 dogs in Tennessee needed a chance and our team had the chance to offer them help. Landpilots Dennis Bayne and Jennifer Tancraitor made their way to Clarksville, TN on Monday and spent the night in a hotel. They woke up early this morning and loaded 62 dogs into the Landplane for their journey back to Pittsburgh where our rescue partners at North Shore Animal League America will be meeting us to take these animals to their world class facility in Long Island. If one of these animals catches your eye don’t hesitate to reach out to them and they can help facilitate and adoption.

Happy 100th Aunt Elva from all of your friends at No Dog Left Behind!